New 10 year old Zeepro Zim fillement feed motor(s) not working or getting commands?

Hello I just aquired a NEW 10 year old Zeepro Zim dual head 3D printer.. I have successfully ran a 1st print all except the feed isn't operational so fillement isn't getting to the heated head(s) is there a feed rate that I am to enter? I made sure cartrige was loaded correctly and even softtened the brittle spool in the oven tried 2cnd print and I am not seeing any movement at the feed stepper motor(s) ? any suggestions? Everything else looks to be in working order.


  • It alld epends on firmware and config options. Some have a protection preventing move when extruder is cold or prevent long moves. In eeprom you have steps per mm resolution setting on some. In general during print it is coupled to xy move. Pure e moves use feedrate you give at G0/G1 command.
  • thank you, After slicing I opened the G code and did find an E comand at the x or y travel in what looked to be each line of code. The Print Program did have an extuder temp pause built in but extruder shot up to 200 c in a couple minutes (was in a tray at bottom of Repetier window) then proceeded to "print" just did it without filliment ?  I tested the stepper motor with multi meter and it tests good. I got the new old 3D printer for cheap, I guess I now know why.. Is there an alternative "motherboard" that I could do an upgrade to this decade? The Zeepro Zim came with it's own USB OS but is no longer supported.. I felt good using Repetier software all the way up to the dead feed system.. It had NEVER printed so I wonder if it's original hardware at the feed stepper comand signaling is faulty ? I'm able to build electric RC helicopters but computer/printer/electronics are not in my wheelhouse but at this point I have little to lose...
  • JUst an idea = does slicer explicitly set relative or absolute extrusion as it is used in slicer. I mean relative print has all small e values and if you are in absolute mode there will be not much movement but you would see the extruder jitter at least.

    With enough knowledge you can change electronics on all printers, ist just a lot of work and you must know what sensors etc you have and compile a own firmware. Just like with any self build printer. Decide for a firmware ans see if which board is supported that has enough drivers/inputs for your solution.
  • Last minute thought: I and the Zim have never 3D printed ... ever. Is there a chance I got a "project" off the free list of stuff to print that is incomplete? (9mm Glock pistol Magnetic holder ) I'll spend a little time on another site and find a different item to try to print and post finding after.. In the box was a small 2 color test print taped to the lid of the power source box .. I will look for something small so as to not waste filliment and time.
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