Newbee help with Configurator

I have been fumbling around with the configuration tool (I call it the Configurator) for about a week
now (many hours each night) and have looked all over for explanations
for the different components.  I think that perhaps this was written for
persons with more 3d experience.  My questions are to numerous to ask
each one that I have questions about so here are some examples;
Stabilize temperature corridor
Full correction until (FC)DISTORTION_START_DEGRADE
Scale PID values to max. PID. Can give better temp. results if max. PID is low.

ATX Power on pin
Max. horizontal radiusDELTA_MAX_RADIUS
AND so on and so on.  I really could use an explanation for these and most other elements as I am unsure of their use and meaning and do not wish to damage my printer and also would like to get to a point within the month of actually trying to make a print. (the printer itself is fine, I just cant get it configured, level)  I am very confused also about the different methods for getting a level print from a delta.  I attached a mechanical dial gauge to the extruder and no mater what I do, I get .006 in. or so deviation when I pan X and Y.  I know that's not good. Also, can anyone tell me what variables can be used in the configuration.h file?  Comments are VERY sparse and I have no idea how I would get anywhere by manually adjusting variables there instead of using the configurator. For instance: for endtop max, where is that in configuration.h and what numbers mean what item?

Also, every time I upload my fir,ware to eeprom I get the following from Arduino IDE:

Sketch uses 130,186 bytes (51%) of program storage space. Maximum is 253,952 bytes.
Global variables use 6,949 bytes (84%) of dynamic memory, leaving 1,243 bytes for local variables. Maximum is 8,192 bytes.
Low memory available, stability problems may occur.

Is this normal?

Thank you again for your help with these issues.


  • The memory usage is ok as long as you you have 900-1000 bytes left. With delta printers it is good used.

    Distortion correction starts with 100% correction and reduces this from start degrade to end degrade z height, since it is meant to reduce bumps on bed to get better bonding.

    With delta printers it is always good to have a real z probe or you will calibrate for days with bad luck. Biggest error is normally wrong diagonal rod length and horizontal radius. If you change one of them you get a big dome up or down with center being the apex. Th ehost has a feature to create a height map that helps with finding the errors in your settings.

    You should read the firmware description, also a bit expired it explains most features.
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