Extruder fan

I am trying to get my extruder fan to work w m106 and/or R host manual fan control.  A bunch of things on the web but all very confusing.  My mini Kossel w/ 2560 / Ramps 1.4 and Repetier firmware has yeilded nothing.  fan_Pin and fan_board pin always shows up with -1 in config.h no matter what I use in the drop down menu from the configuration tool. I have also tried manualy selecting various nubers in the config.h file (not knowing what they represent since there is no cross ref anywhere for any variables like this for anything in this file. (sure would be helpful to have a list like that for newbees) no luck seeing anything on D9 (or 8) ???  Can somebody give me a step by step on this ?



  • You need to enable fan feature, then D9 I think (the middle one) is the fan pin if you do not change FAN_PIN in config. Make sure you have not enabled 2. extruder which uses the same pin for heater.
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