[Linux V1.5.6] Save to Server Bug

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When using Repetier-host V1.5.6 on Linux Ubuntu after clicking "Save to server" button to save print to Repetier Server, buttons get disabled, G-code is sent to Server, but after finish, buttons never get enabled again. You can not even close Repetier-host after that, only way is to kill process.
This is not issue with Winodws version. 
Probably some Mono framework issue, but maybe you can find some workaround.
Mono JIT compiler version 3.2.8 (Debian 3.2.8+dfsg-4ubuntu4)


  • Please redownload 1.5.6 then the problem is fixed.
  • Tnx, now buttons are not disabled and I can resume work after code upload is compleat.
  • Another bug now (with this version) presented. Slicer ignores Adhesion type and always use None (only skirt after slicing) no meter if there is Brim or Raft selected. 
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    Ok, I see where problem is.
    12:20:40.858 : <CuraEngine> Config(/home/paxy/.local/share/RepetierHost/cura.ini):L13: Failed to set 'skinSpeed' to '30'
    12:20:40.858 : <CuraEngine> Failed to read config '/home/paxy/.local/share/RepetierHost/cura.ini'
    After that it stops processing cura.ini .
    I removed this skinSpeed and perimeterBeforeInfill parameters and manual slicing with profile has passed.
    Perhaps in package is wrong version of Cura ?
  • Yes, wrong version of Cura is in current Linux package. 
    Just downloaded Cura 15.04.2 and replaced one from package and slicing works correctly !
  • @Paxy - This solution of yours did the trick for me.  Thanx a lot. :-)
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