Z travel below min endstop trigger

Hey Roland,

I'm very keen to get Repetier Firmware to work with the smartcore corexy printer which uses the same inductive sensor as z_min_endstop and z probe. Please could you help with a workaround to let us allow the print head travel a specified distance below the point where the endstop triggers? Is there something in the endstop checking code in motion.h that could be changed to allow this?



  • That could be tricky, since min endstop is meant to be at z=0. There is a variable 
    #define ENDSTOP_Z_BACK_ON_HOME 0
    where you could try a negative value so that it goes further down. Not sure if this messes up some other computations, so be carefull while testing. I guess z probe height must be 0 if you fix the difference that way.
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