edited October 2014 in Repetier-Firmware
To the developers I want to give a heartfelt **thanks*** shout-out:

I want to say after many hours of trying to get other firmwares
written in "near"-C++ standard and with good skills and intentions,
but using compiler language quirks or erroneously accepting things
you can't legally do in C++, C++11,etc.

This is the first project that is completely well written, standard in coding style, and compiles
perfectly in Windows
Using: ArduinoIDE, VisualStudio w/VisualMicro addon, and AtmelStudio
without any (-vs-tons) of corrections and rewrites. And for the Arduino DUE !!!!

My sanity restored!

You have a fan and customer henceforward.
Best Regards,
Lee Studley


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