Preset names with new PrusaSlicer

I have upgraded to the latest PrusaSlicer, since I wanted to use organic supports. Repetier now does not show print presets (and maybe other as well) properly. Let me show an example:

This was the name of the preset in the older version of PrusaSlicer: 0.35mm SPEED - 5mm Brim
The new PrusaSlicer is showing the name as this: 0.35mm SPEED @0.6 nozzle FLSUN - 5mm Brim
And in Repetier Host, I see only: 0.35mm SPEED

Since I have a few presets based on 0.35mm SPEED, all I see is a few lines of 0.35mm SPEED below each other having no idea which is which. Renaming one of the presets (removing @0.6 nozzle FLSUN) worked and I see that preset as I used to see it before.

The new PrusaSlicer installation must have renamed all my presets, which is annoying...


  • WHo is omitting everything after @ host or PrusaSlicer? Which PrusaSlicer version?

    If it is PrusaSlicer doing this we can not anything against it - we include the official binaries. But will have a look into it.
  • Host is omitting everything after @. I see I forgot to mention the versions - I first saw this with 2.6.1 and now also with 2.7.0

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