Z probe always crashing into the bed

Hello! I recently installed repetier on my ramps because I heard it solves the performance problems with marlin, now here his the problem:
A lot of times when I use G29 (lastest version) or build an heigh map, randomly the swich is not registered and my efector wants to pass trought the bed, and it is starting to suffer because of many accidents like this one.

Please, I like your firmware but tell me how to solve this, I will donate after having a stable feeling about this.

I also wanted to know if it is usual to hear so violent displacement when the distortion map makes correction on the first layer, and it doesnt work very well for me, it use to try to print on the air or below the bed ( and hits very strongly the bed )


  • What kind or printer are you using? Delta or Cartesian? 

    I've been seen before that endstop configuration can create probing problems. What does your endstop configuration look like? 
  • test with m119 and see if your button is working right. maybe just try a different button to be safe.

    My issue with auto-leveling turned out to be a not so great switch.(still passed a m119)

    and yes, correction made a buncvh of noise as it worked for me...but it turned out I didn't need correction (g29) after-all (disabled with M323 S0 P1), just needed auto-level (g32 s2)
  • The endstop is working perfecly all the times y check it with g31, i supose that is a thread problem of the software, and wires are perfectly solded, so dont know, ramps is also a little bit overloaded because of the delta kinematics with 32 microstepping, but usually, after disabling the level correction things go much better, It is completely unnecessary.
  • I have this working on a delta with 2560+RAMPS with GLCD and 1/32 microstepping.

    try a different micro switch. mine was just occasionally slow to trigger. 

    I would also recommend you check your probe logic. I have mine set to trigger on high, with pullup turned on and set to normally open....though the times I initially had my logic wrong, it still didn't try to go through the bed .
  • with that combo, you really want to have the latest 0.92.4 dev, it gave me a bunch more free ram than 0.91 and that has got to help.
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