Print Stops and Heater shuts down, when moving from Home position toward print position

Repetier firmware 0.92 Ramps 1.4 with display with 3 z axis Large scale Corexy with 6 remote extruders 1 V6 24v hotend running 6 colors  Trying to troubleshoot this weird issue. (print job Killed, or sudden death (just stops and shuts off heater) 

At start print moves from home to almost the print position then Just dies heater shuts down and says print Job Killed? 

thought maybe software, thought electrical. After investigating  became a computers problem went away temporally switching to another computer. thought maybe a com issue? but then the issue recurred. 

thought maybe something was heating up?  as it does work then fail (stops and Kills job) Shut everything down overnight, next morning same issues.

Have separate mosfets controled from the ramps board for hotend and Fan swapped out , no change 
Hotend and extruder fan is 24V , extruders and motors are nema 17 are 12v
ramps is 12V 
thought maybe a PS issue One 24V and 2 12V  but with 3 ps seems unlikely 
Ran PID tune at 240 tried again same thing, then Turned on Extruder fan and it went to past start position and printed? 
almost every time start the extruder fan  before start print it works? 

Very odd behavior sometimes i catch the Ramps Display and it resets during the print job killed  and sometimes just says print job Killed on (console screen)? would a failing motor driver cause this type of issue? 

is there some control function for the fan expected at Start print thought it was off until after 1st layer but thinking back maybe it has not been coming on during printing 
let me know, want the Config H file or other file i can load this afternoon?
Thanks again


  • Seeing the old version number I assume it worked before, so config should be ok.
    What do you run the printer from? Or is it stand alone? If you use  Repetier-Server you should enable logging and also have a look at console when it resets. It shows the restart reason. If you see brown out as reason the voltage dropped too much then a sort might have happened motor drivers should catch that and firmware does not register. Maybe you get also a message from printer when it resets due to a severe error.

    What might be is that temperature reading is outside allowed range that would stop prints. Illegal temperatures and heater decoupling are the only reasons it would normally stop a print. And a thermistor that gets a broken cable can work I time and on some moves loose contact and make it fail randomly at the beginning. Hope 0.92 already writes it to host.
  • Repetier host 2.3.2 Windows 10 Laptop primary, Win10 Desktop Backup, used pid autotuned for pla 200 and Petg 240 and their does appear to be a little over temp going on which maybe causing the cutoff, just really weird that turning on the extruder fan seems to alleviate the cutoff during moving to print position
  • Fan can cause a temperature bump when getting enabled if it also cools the heater element.

    Overswing is normal when heating up - howmuch depends on pid tuning. But it should stop below maximum temperture or it might get shut down for safety. If that is the reason you can increase max. temperature eventually to 260. 
  • definably some connection to the extruder fan being on or OFF :>) Well it turns out my heatblock to heatbreak was leaking filament. Noticed yesterday the heatblock was covered in filament and my prints where significantly changed to barely printing and  having any  flowing filament even when bumped up to 260. using high wattage heater (petg) Normally 240 degree C and  Pla is around 200

    the heatblock to heatbreak was loose and swing slightly (When Hot at temperature)  and flowing filament over the heatblock and everything. this  apparently this changed the Temperature enough to cause thermal over limit? (guessing)  

    swaped out the hotend (easy since i use the 2 pin heaters and Thermistors,(also J block with Fitting)  having spare parts especially complete hot ends ready to swap is a good thing, crossing fingers. (more testing today, :>) going to have to redo PID and see how much it has changed 

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