lost groups

Hi, I got the last update a while back and all was fine and have 8 printers, each with their own gcode files and groups etc. One printer, all the groups are gone now(not right away), the gcode files appear to still all be there with the one default all or default group. The other printers are just fine, all their groups and files. Is there a database util i can run to reindex or fix this issue? Its not a big issue, but the lost groups was on my main printer. thanks, James


  • In storageDirectory/<slug>/data/modelGroups.json the association of file to group is stored. Any defect in the file or failing to read it on startup will cause all files to move to group default. So that is what happened. If you have a backup of it e.g. in  Repetier-Server Monitor backup of the file you can at least recreate the files still existing if you copy the file there and restart server.
  • thanks, ill check that out
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