Is the host using -current- cura & prusa engines?

I have Cura, Prusa, and Simplify3D on my desktop.
they are all the current (or even beta) releases...

I would love to be able to switch between engines easily...
Is the Host slicer interface using the current/best versions of the slicers?


  • No, newer Cura versions are not compatible. Prusa is quite up to date and as long as there are no breaking changes you can also add external prusa slicer (beta). Might just miss some new infill pattern if they were introduced after release. With every host release we include latest stable prusa slicer available with it's settings.
  • Dratts to Cura.  There are a few neat features that I do use occasionally. (Make overhangs printable, lightning infill, and a few others)  
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