M323 unkown command and more autolevel mysteries


im getting more into the autolevel procedure and I managed to get a heightmap, a G32, G30 and G29. However I cant get them to be applied. 

first the height map seems to give out relalistic values with no correction applied. and G32 S2 produces a realistic looking transformation matrix. (values between 0 and 1) the new printer height is also stored correctly in EEPROM

the video then tells me to do a G29 to get a 7x7 distortion matrix but what the printer does is different. it performs a 3 point probe and no correction is applied, because when I repeat the heightmap it still shows an uncorrected map. furthermore when I type M323 to check the correction I get an "unknown command"

Im not sure how to combat this. It cant even tell is the transformation matrix from the G32 is applied and what the difference is to the distortion matrix from the G29/M323: I guess the routine changed quite a bit since the video and to guide were produced? Any chance there is updated documentation out there?


  • G29 has 2 modes dependent on your compilation of firmware. 

    What you wanted is firmware compiled with distortion correction compiled. Then it would measure a grid and correct bed height,

    You did not enable that feature, so G29 is just using average of 3 points as printer height.
  • Ahh that makes sense. I used the config tools because I couldnt find 0.92.4 anywhere else

    Github only has 0.91 can I get any 0.92 from another source?
  • In github you would select work092 branch for 0.92 at the moment. But config tool also allows to enable it in the general section, but only for delta printers. Cartesian printers do not support this feature for now.
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