Extrude Command not working

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I am using BTT Octopus Pro STM32F446 Chip with repetier dev 2.0. I am pretty sure i have disabled dry run mode and checked the pins, but i cannot make the extruder motor move in either direction. And yes I have heated the hotend well above the min extruding temp. I have no response from the extruder motor either from repetier host nor repetier server.


  • First run
    M302 S1
    to allow cold extrusion. Just to remove that check so you can concentrate on motor.

    If it does not work the first question is if configuration is correct. Especially enable pin could be inverted. If you can not move extruder motor by hand after starting firmware it is inverted to what you need. 
    If that is ok, do you get sounds from motor or any sign of live?

    If it is same driver as x axis you could try swapping pins between x motor and extruder motor in Configuration_io.h - it it works then when moving x axis you know pins and connections are good. Then it is not the motor config (assuming x and e0 are defined same way) and it must be assignment, blocking logic or missing in motor list.
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