Unable to flash RUMBA Board with latest Repetier Firmware

I used the configurator and downloaded the zip for 1.0.5dev.  I'm running the Arduino IDE 2.2.1.  I've even forced Windows 10 to install the RUMBA board driver.  To clarify, this is the OLD RUMBA board, not the RUMBA+.

I can upload simple sketches (like the blink sketch) just fine using the IDE.  However, when I attempt to upload the Repetier firmware, it uploads something for about a second, then the TX/RX LED goes dark and only blinks once every 5 seconds or so, but the IDE still states it is attempting to upload yet the board is unresponsive.

If I attempt to flash the simple blink sketch, I get a bunch of errors about it unable to communicate.  I have to unplug the USB cable for the board to become responsive again.

I've even tried attempting to upload the firmware I originally uploaded back from 2016.  Same thing, IDE acts like it uploads some of it, then the board becomes unresponsive.


  • Do you have something like  Repetier-Server running on the pc as well that could try to connect to the port? Also on windows this would normally be not possible, on linux it would cause errors.

    Since during upload the content is irrelevant it sound like the size makes the error. So there is either a problem with the board or you get communication errors every now and then making it fail and with bigger files it is more likely. Try other usb ports, shorter cable or other pc if you have.
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