Increasing max extruder temp

I have a Stacker printer running unknown firmware, I believe it is Marlin but I'm not 100%. Manufacture refuses to give any useful support. All I need to do is increase the max hotend temp from 280C to 300C. This is the only value I need to change. How is this done?? This is not an available parameter in the standard EPROM list.



  • Stacker uses Repetier-Firmware. Max. temperature is fixed during compilation to not set it higher then maximum of what extruder can handle. Also I know stacker often uses a second hardware break to limit temperatures, so not sure if increasing it in firmware whould not just trigger the second hardware break (if your model uses this). But in any case you need to compile the firmware again.
  • Thank you. The original heater blocks indeed have the thermal over temp fuses. I am running a custom heater block and V6 volcano style hot end with the updated Stacker heater cartridge and thermistor they sell as a replacement that no longer has the thermal fuses. Is there any way to pull the majority or the firmware parameters to aid in creating new firmware or will I need to figure this out from the ground up?
  • What board (stacker superboard?) and printer are you using. The printer uses mainly default pins so they all have symbolic names from board definition, so making a own config is quite easy. But check and store before eeprom settings so you know which accelerations/speeds etc they use.

    Note that the superboard is no standard arduino board. On github in our firmware repository the required additional files for arduino are included so you can compile it once you add these to the arduino boards list.
  • Printers are Sacker S2, Main board is an Azteeg X3 Pro with  ViKi2.0 Interface. I currently have 2 of these printers so I can work on one and keep one running. This might be a blessing in disguise that I have to learn this, in theory I should be able to add some features like controlling chamber temperature and adding out of filament detection and routines for mid print filament change too correct? I am going to read the Repitier firmware instructions and see how far I get before I ask more questions. Is there anything specific I need to know about this controller to get started? Thank you so much for your assistance, I truly appreciate it!
  • As far as I remember ayteef X3 works out of the box, no special arduino adjustments required. Just use config tool with latest dev version.
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