Case light pin in 0.92.4. - how to do it?


I found the option to control a led over the smartcontroller. but i just have led strips for 12 Volts. the output is just 5 Volt I think? is there a way to control my leds with the smartcontroller?


  • You need to put them on a 12V power output like for extruder heaters or fans. These have 12 or 24V depending on what you use. Then set case light pin to that pin and you can switch it on/off with the smartcontroller.
  • oh! nice trick! thank you!

    another offtopic question: the version 0.91 Rev 8 with a smartcontroller cant compile and outputs this error: iso c++ forbids declaration of 'type name' with no type [-fpermissive]

    in version 0.92.4 it works, but the Motors are just moving in one direction (Endstops dissabled, and if they are turned on they seem to work with the command m119)
    is there a fix for These Problems?
  • 0.91 can only be compiled with old Arduino IDE 1.0.6 

    Motors normally move in both direction. Use ALWYS_DIABLE_ENDSTOPS 0 to disable endstop checking to make sure that is not the reason.

    Did it work before and now not or is this the first attempt? If motors move only in wrong direction it may be a wrong direction pin in pins.h (which board?) or a defect on the driver/board.
  • oh good to know

    sure i try that asap

    yes it did.
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    your command does not work.. or how and where do i Need to enter it?

    one axis works i both directions, the z and x axis do not...

    and the 0.91 version does not work with the 1.6.0 Arduino ide... same error the option with the smart Controller lcd is the Problem..
  • I said 1.0.6 not 1.6 and it should be on windows.

    Does M119 show L on all axis?
  • I had a faulty RAMPS .. it all works right now.. I use now the 0.92.4 version with the newest Arduino software.

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