Autolevel ignores z probe


I havent printed in a while and while Marlin is in Update hell I tried repetier with my new inductive proximity sensor. Movement works works fine, endstops report correct incl the probe and I found the z level with repetier video on youtube. I use the rod routine to set the endstop height and that seemed to work fine. However the G32 s2 command and the single point G30 and the height map test all slam the probe into the bed. I can the the led on the probe trigger but it keeps moving.

I saw that there is still a "bug" disclaimer on the repetier page in the section about autolevel but I have the feeling I oversaw a detail.

All help much apreciated


  • Please make sure you use the firmware version from yesterday or newer, there was a bug in z probe depending on coating method. Also with inductive you should have selected 0 since you measure to real bed and not till bed coating.

    Make sure max. z probe height is larger then your safety margin for preset z length. First move goes to  z length - max. start height without endstop tests so if z height is too high it can crash the head. Better preset too low then too high.
  • Aha, coating is already 0 and you mean V0.92.4 right?  Ill check on the height setting next. Thanks for the fast answer. 
  • Well I had it working for a bit just now, and I was configuring the z probe but now Im getting these insane moves again 

    03:42:41.853 : Warning:Invalid delta coordinate - move ignored x:-6400 y:4800 z:-47184

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    Update. I made the radius a bit smaller and now its working again, with some checksum errors but were moving again.
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