Resetting EEPROM information

So I began using Repetier host on my computer with my first printer, a Prusa Mendel I3. I have since sold that printer and am using a Kossel Mini variant.

While I created a new configuration for the printer in the printer settings, and the EEPROM configuration in the host is different from the I3's, there seems to be confusion somewhere in the firmware and/or host.

The printer does not seem to act on the Repetier Host's EEPROM configuration, because z probing (to auto level the bed) is set at 1, however, when saving to the EEPROM using manual gcode, z probing is set at 0, and when I attempt to use G32 to begin the probing process, I get a response that it is disabled. z probing is enabled in the configuration.h as well.

I'm not entirely sure what settings the printer is acting on, so when I get the chance, I am going to use the M502 code to reset the printer's EEPROM. What else should I do in the repetier host to ensure that it is up to date with the printer? Will I need to uninstall and reinstall? If so, are there any special folders to remove, or will it be removed with the uninstall?


  • I don't know if this has anything whatsoever to do with your issue but something I noticed recently when trying to configure the firmware for Repetier was that the Arduino report would refer to an error saying eg. "ABCDE was not set in this scope" but ABCDE isnt even mentioned or referred to elsewhere in the line the arduino flags as the one blocking successful compilation. Ive noticed persistent intrusion on my home, email accounts and my PC has resulted from lock-picking and PC hacking at a level of such sophisticated malice as I'd hope anyone caught doing these things get taken to the Tower of London and beheaded for Treason. I know with absolute certainty that I did not delete any files in my Compiles & Uploads directory, yet, the closest Ive come to getting my (supplied as) Heacent 3DP02 (aka reprap i2 and other names none of which get referred to in the manufacturer's BOM mismatched machine/Software "kit") was when I used the file which is now mysteriously missing from my PC. Evidently there's a possibility of sheer malice involved in attacking anyone's life like this, but it's hard to see how we can reasonably & safely donate generously to anyone, not just Repetier who at least look like they know what theyre doing, although to be 100% brutally honest I'd rather pay to see the software operating my Melzi board based i2 printer than new graphics on the website; The choice of a CODEX however was singularly appropriate! :)

    When software says "XYZ isnt set in this scope" and that variable isnt mentioned anywhere in the code, alarm bells should be going off. Ive also discovered more than several variations of PINS.H files in which the SAME controller board's pins are completely differently referenced eg. Pin 12 - Extruder; Pin 8 - Heated Bed, in one copy, then Pin 3 Extruder, Pin 11 Heated Bed in another. That is certainly something we ought all to be mindful of. Who's f*king up the files to try to earn cash or inflict life-supressing bullying by pretending to be Tech Support / Freelance Open Source Programmers. We already paid for the machines AND the software, now we're effectively being "asked" ie. forced to pay again to get them to *possibly* work.
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