Steppers stop before zero point

I have been using Repetier for a long time I have 6 printers. Most of the time things work fine, BUT. Sometimes when I try to set the zero start point the axis0 will only go so far and then won't go farther. If I move the X,Y manualy the system will work. Not so easy with with the Z axis if I move the axis by hand and send a G92 Z0 it will work "Most of the time" after several re starts. My question is why does it do this? The steppers should move to any position. I use Grbl on Lightburn lasers and other CNC machines and this problem dosen't exist. The same thing happins in Pronterface. I am using Repetier Firmware and Arduino Mega with Stepper shield Ramps 1.4
Thanks for any help, Steve Hyman


  • This is a firmware/hardware issue. If homing sometimes stops too early this is normally from crosstalk from end stops. In this case you should hopefully have disabled to always check end stops or you would get a skew in prints as well. But for homing you can not disable it, so either live with it or improve wiring of endstop cables by twisting or shieding them from motor and heater cables.
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