ad595 thermocouple on RADDS which pin (5V input needed)


I am trying to connect a thermocouple to the RADDS via an external thermocouple extension board. ( I found some info about some other extension boards and RADDS but they all need less then 3,3 v input. I have an lcd connected, and i am planning in using an extension board so the aux1 will also be taken.

Would it be possible to take the 5v from the aux1 and the ground and signal via the xmin endstop? And so yes could i just tell the firmware to use the xmin endstop?

Or is there a simpler solution?



  • Thermocouple input must be analog input, so you need the adc input at the side. Only the sensor pin is here important. With the adafruit AD8495 it works also with 3,3V input, see

    You could use a 5V voltage input from othe rpin but make sure it never outputs more then 3.3V. Also computation might be wrong since formulas for due base it on 3.3v reference. But that can be weasily fixed in extruder.cpp where you see the 2 formulas.
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