M191 & M141 - Heated Chamber

Hey there,

As the Reprap Printers start to "grow" into "real machines", many of them already are beeing built into propper enclosures, wouldn it be a great step to support propper Control of a heated Chamber as by the Gcode commands M141 and M191?

Personally i would love to see a feature like this, maybe even as fancy as measuring temperature at two points inside the chamber (top and bottom), as well as controlling fans for ventilation (cold air for cooling down the chamber when the heated bed and extruders are generating too much heat) and a additional heater (well, for heating the chamber if the "wasted heat" of the bed is not enough).

I am aware that there is a workaround by using an additional extruder to heat up a chamber, but while not providing a solution for cooling down the chamber this workaround is not as clear and intuitive on the frontend as well.

I am also aware that this is quite a big change to all of the software components: firmware, server and host; but i wanged to pull this request anyway ;-)
On the other hand: i would be glad to support this development by a donation, and maybe i am not even the only one?
Crowdfunding new features... could be a thing :-)
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