Script names under printer does not change until I close, switch printers and reopen w/ the other

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Found what I think is a little bug in the host buttons (Maybe a feature :D ).  I have two separate printers w/ different defined scripts.  However the names under printer and also the descriptions if you hover over the buttons displays the last printers script info.  It does process the correct Gcode for each printer but the display names are incorrect. The only way to get it to show the other printer script names correctly is to switch to that printer, close Repetier host and  reopen connecting to that other printer first.

Example of the scripts for both printers.  The only way to have it display the correct info when switching printers is to switch to that printer, close host and then reopen.  It will then show the script info for the printer that was opened.  Need to repeat this each time I need to switch printers.


  • Thanks, in deed connecting did not trigger change event so it never changed names. What helped was calling settings change printer and close with ok and then connect.

    Next version 2.3.2 will have this bug fixed.
  • Thank you sir, appreciate all your support.

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