Blob on print start

Hi Guys,

I updated the firmware on my delta printer, and the printer is working again. Only problem now is when I start a print, after the bed and extruder are heated up, the extruder comes down and starts spitting out some filament. this al falls under the printhead on the bed. then after a few seconds the head comes down to the bed, in the blob of filament, and moves to the place where the print must come, taking the blob with it. this blob then ruins the first layer of the print.

Can i make the head move before it comes down? I cant seem to find a setting for it.


  • This is not really firmware related. It is the gcode you send for a printer. All slicers allow you to customize the start gcode. When you heat up it can leak the remaining filament. So Try a different start gcode.

    - Home
    - Go to xy position where you never print for heatup at some z distance
    - Heat up
    - Move to regular xz start position for the first prime line. Now it comes down at clean position and should have no issues.
  • Hi Daneasch, I have also got a tripodmaker black edition that I try to get working. Can you maybe post or send the files that are on the small sd card in the Duet3D board.
    Groeten Maarten
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