Auto Bed leveling 3D BL Touch

I have installed a 3D Touch on my printer and I would like to level the platen using Repetier Host.

All the G-codes I have used to launch this plate levelling have so far not worked. I have seen in my research that I need to enable FEATURE_Z_PROBE for this to work. Is there a code to enable this variable from Repetier-Host? If not, how can I activate this variable on my printer?


  • Autoleveling in repetier firmware is done using G32
    - G32 S<0..2> - Autolevel print bed. S = 1 measure zLength, S = 2
    Measure and store new zLength

    But you need to configure the firmware to have support for it compiled in as well as controlling the servo fo the bltouch to deploy the probe and retract it. In this forum you will find several threads describing this. The host software has nothing to do regardless which, autoleveling is done completely in firmware. Only when compiled you can change some parameter for leveling/probing in the eeprom settings.
  • In my research, I saw that I need to use the "" platform to activate FEATURE_Z_PROBE. And so as not to change the other parameters, I need to import the configuration.h file on the platform. The problem is that I don't have this file. I'm using a Geeetech A30T. Can you tell me where I can get the files for this machine, so that I can use it to activate this setting? The configuration.h file that I can download directly from your platform is a standard and general file that does not work with my printer. 
  • We do not have sample files for printers. You need to enter the values for your board/printer combination there. Just by checking board and printer style much matches already if the defaults are used. But there are so many combinations that we can not say what is right. If you have a config file for your apparently existing file you can extract it from there even if it is not written for the config tool, just the config tool does not recognice them.

    You can also try googling for it. Maybe someone has one for it made public as a quick starting point.
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