GPX Plugin

Hey there,

is there an equivalent to GPX Plugin for Octo from Dr. Thomas some years ago?

Been working on a neighbours CTC Bizer Dual (Makerbot Rep.1 Dual Clone) for some hours (days, weeks, months?) now and - IT's ALIVE...

But as i bought Rep.Serv., i'm interested IF and HOW (keep the last directive in mind, it's like KI programming works) there is a way to implement that old school communication model in Rep.Serv.

Including the docs to the serial communication module ;-)

I only accept answers in RegEx (Python flavour)




  • Guess Rep is not open for me to implement that old fart code i eat for lunch into?
  • No we don't speak GPX and you can not add a plugin to do that, sorry. But we only support normal ascii communication and Repetier binary protocol for which we know how it works and have documentation and test machines.
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