Forgotten Wifi Password, New network

I moved into a new home and got a completely new wifi/network system. When trying to reconnect one of my servers, I forgot the wifi password so I can't connect to it.
Is there any way to either reset the password or figure out what it was?
I know the UUID and the API key as well as the network name. Other than that, not sure how to go about it.


  • Assuming you mean  Repetier-Server on pi you can simply connect via ethernet cable to your router which needs no password. Then access it with ip or network name and you can go to wifi settings and enter new password of your network. Once that works you can remove cable connection.
  • This worked!! However, for some reason I can only find the repetier network when it is directly connected to the wifi via ethernet. For some reason, once I disconnect, it can no longer be found. Any ideas there?
  • Sounds like your wifi is not connected then. When it is connected you should see it with 2 IPs one for cable and one for wifi. If you only see the cable one, go to global settings->Network and select your wifi, wnter new password, save and connect. You should see at main tab of network that you are connected to wifi now. If not something went wrong, Only once that is working you can disconnect. 

    If there is an old network visible that has changed password also delete connection in same place so it is not selected for connection and will then fail. Server assumes all visible known connections are as good and selects first in internal list.
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