Temp control auto sets regardless of my settings.

Have an Ender 3 Pro.  Have been using Repetier for ~10 years (Solidoodle).  Never had this happen.  Set my printer default temp at 199.  No matter what I set the temp for each roll of filament, when it starts to print it jumps to 205.  I reset it while printing to 195 for this particular roll for example, and after a while it will jump to 200.   Its very annoying and most likely causing some finish problems.  I am due soon for a complete computer reformat/reinstall, its been ~8 years, so maybe that will take care of that.


  • Check generated gcode for M104 and M109 to see if these values are there. Normally reason is that it is in the created gcode. We do not send temperature change son our own.
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