Where to define coordinates for G29 for delta

I have a delta printer and I have a recent config.h file from the configuration tool.
I am trying to use G29 to measure z at 3 towers. I saw a post that said to change eeprom to define points to put near towers, However I get multiple points all over the bed. 
The configuration tool seems to want a rectangle which works fine for autolevel.
Could you please tell me where to enter coordinates for 
G29 3 point
Auto level
Deformation matrix


  • Sure you are using Repetier-Firmware and nor Marlin? Our config is named Configuration.h while marlin names it config.h and our G29 measures 3 point stored in eeprom as Z-Probe [XY][1-3] while G32 does rectangular measurement for autoleveleing. In Marlin G29 does rectangluar autoleveling.
  • My mistake, Definitely using  Repetier firmware.
    So G29 started working OK (is it possible that changes in Eeprom don't take effect immediately?).  But now, G32 traces a path parallel to X and Z towers until it falls off the bed. It seems I can only have G29 or G32 working properly. Is that true ?
    I like G29 to find horizontal radius.

  • > I like G29 to find horizontal radius.
    Better write yourself a script that uses G31 to probe at any number of points like needed for escher delta calibration. Just home, go to fixed Z 10mm over plate and then move xy to proe position and run G31. Then in log you see the z heights needed for calibration.

    G32 is definitely the better choice. But not liek in config tool that order or points matter! P1 left front edge, P2 right front point and P3 left back point. Choose such that the rectangle is reachable with z probe offset. You might disable probing edges so you can increase it a bit more since the most critical points do not get moved to.
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