Davinci 1.0Aio issues

I've recently flashed my Davinci 1.0A with Repetier. I have quite a few issues.

Firstly the display shows black bars, nothing else.

Secondly, the Software wouldn't stay connected without disabling the watchdog in the config.h

Thirdly in the software it thinks the extruder is at 392.6 degrees and the bed is at 187.2, they're both room temp to the touch. 

In manual control enabling the extruder seems to work, but any jog buttons leave this in the log: X:NAN Y:NAN Z:NAN E:NAN.

During startup, it says "No start signal detected - forcing start" not sure if this is something to be worried about.

after aborting a print to see if the machine would do anything any other commands are "waiting" 

Help, please!! 

if you need any more info please ask.


  • Is that the fork from Luc? The original firmware was never tested against these printers since there is this optiiyed version with lots of adjustments to work with that printer.

    If you need to disable watchdog it means it is hanging somewhere longer than expected which is a bad sign.

    But how do you know all this if display is not working (bars) and does not connect?

    From all this I would first check if you have the correct config for the printer. Seems there is a lot not correctly defined and wrong printer config would be the easy reason. Especially positions are normally 0 and eventually blinking due to be not homed.
  • Hi yes this is the guide i used and the video I watched, followed it closely:

    It does connect but only if I disable watchdog, after being connected for about a minute the extruder fan turns on, and the hot end gets hot, If i don't connect it stays off.

    I checked the first bit that said manual config in the config.h file, setting it to the right printer and revision etc.

    what should i be looking for in the printer config? 
    I set the correct baud rate after skimming the config file again and selecting the repetier firmware. 

    followed that youtube guide exactly, the only difference was that the github must have been updated as the files to go in the arduino folder on my PC, were in:
    Downloads\Repetier-Firmware-4-Davinci-master\Repetier-Firmware-4-Davinci-master\src\ArduinoDUE\AdditionalArduinoFiles\Arduino - 1.8.0 -Due 1.6.8\Arduino15\packages\arduino\hardware\sam\1.6.8

    the file structure on his was slightly different, his was:

    really no idea where to start...
  • Looking into 

    I see they seem to use pins not defined for due so luc added the additional files. He seems to define a new board variant arduino_due_x and it is important to install that variant and also select it in arduino ide. I guess best is also to use that old arduino ide version. If you don't some pins will not have the desired fuinction and assuming using config is the easy part that might be then where you did go wrong. Use 1.8.0 ide and also the due library version and add/replace the files in the installation.
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