Need help getting my mpcnc to work

Hello all,
I hope your days are blessed. I recently purchased a mpcnc i have no experience in making this print a simple squire could i get a step by step inarticulate on how to do this. All i know is the blue box connecting to the cnc says marlin. I have down loaded repetier and etslecam but seems nothing is talking. When i connect the usb and try to do controller set up i does not recognize usb port. And options don't list marlin or omg hardware. I am so out of my element.


  • Marlin is just firmware. But when you connect to windows you should see in hardware manager a com port appear or an unknown device, in which case you need to install the driver.

    For malin see here

    Hope you have already marlin installed. But I don't know blue box so can not say as what it appears.

    Once you get com port you can connect host with it secting right baud rate and ascii or automatic protocol.

    Eslcam must then produce gcode for marlin and you can load that into host to send it. But you might like need to first home or calibrate position. Thats something I can not help with as it depends much on what you have as sensors and firmware configuration.
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