Error reading a 3ds file

My CAD system has a severe problem producing .stl files, so I moved to using 3ds.  I have done about 10 files successfully, but yesterday a 3ds file caused Repetier to crash immediately when I tried to open the file.  No error messages, warnings, anything else, it just simply closed Repetier.

I found some on-line file converters and converted the offending 3ds file to stl.  The conversion was successful and Repetier opened the converted stl file normally and sliced it properly.

I also exported the part as an .obj, but while Repetier opened it, the resulting object was a simple 3D box which I believe was the part bounding box.  It was without content or detail.

If there is a mechanism to post or send the offending 3ds file to you I will gladly do so.  This is not critical as the on-line conversion mechanism gives me a path from my CAD system to Repetier.  I could also send the .obj file but I have no particular confidence that it is a good file although my CAD system opened it successfully.


  • See pm.
  • Repetier said:
    See pm.
    Sorry sir, but I do not understand your reply.  Please expand and clarify what you want me to do.
  • I send you a pm = personal message in the forum, see your message inbox here, with email for sending the file.
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