Repetier Host 1.5.4 'Start Code' script runs at end, too


I have a Printrbot Simple Metal with auto bed leveling initiated via the 'G29' command.  Previous to 1.5.4, this was in my 'Start Code' script and life was good.  However, I have found that the 'Start Code' script gets run by Repetier Host 1.5.4 after the print job finishes, regardless of other settings.  This is a MAJOR problem, since the G29 Z probe process causes the print head to rapidly move right through my just-finished print!  Either the print gets forcibly ejected from the print bed, or the X-axis stepper motor jams - and neither is a good thing!

I have verified that this is the case by running a small print with and without the Start Code script present.  If the Start Code is present, it runs at the start AND at the end.  If I remove the Start Script, then nothing happens at the start OR the end.

So at the moment I have several sub-optimal choices.  Remove the 'Start Code' script entirely (which means it doesn't auto-level and the print suffers, and also means the print head just stops after the job is finished), or leave it in and hope I can remove the print job before the print head does it for me, or revert to an earlier version of Repetier Host.

Any thoughts?


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