Second stepper lost after operation

Hello all;

I'm new here. I have an MPCNC with a Rambo v1.4, dual end stops, dual X motors, dual Y motors, running Marlin 2.0 and the latest Repetier Host. When I first start the MPCNC and Repetier Host I can ask the machine to 'home' and it does so without problems. I have given it contour drawings produced in Fusion 360, and all that works without problems as well. When I ask Repetier Host to home the machine the second time, both X motors run to their respective end-stops. However, only one Y motor runs during that second home attempt. I have repeated this a number of times and each time the same result. Each time I have to power off the Rambo board, and shut down Repetier Host completely on the computer to be able to reset. Once back up running, the first home command works perfectly again.

Any thoughts?

Thank you


  • I donÄt think it is host issue. We only send Y commands to marlin. For homing Y it is
    G28 Y0

    Do you have one driver for y or 2 drivers and 2 motors? In latter case you have somehow configured the second driver to act on Y and I guess this connections gets lost after homing. Would y moves move both or just one driver? Is second driver too hot so it just stops working due to overheating? You might try switching the 2 y drivers and if the the other motor gets the issue it is a driver problem. If it is still same motor it can be marlin or motor cable/socket.
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