Backup the Firmware from printer

Hi Guys,

I recently got myself a Tripodmaker Black Edition V3, and after some tinkering got it printing rather well. The only problems I have now is with the temp control, because the values are 10 degrees to low. So I think I need to flash the firmware. Before proceeding it seems a good idea to backup the existing firmware, but I'm not sure how to do this, and if it's possible. Is there anyone here who can point me in the right direction?


  • That really depends on the board and evenrually the bootloader if it is possible or not. And even with backup you might still miss eeprom settings so they might revert to default values.

    Some bootloaders can backup data others not. Then you need special hardware to backup and need to hope there is a connector for the programming hardware. Especially with 32 bit boards this is often not the case since upload via sd card or using dfu is always possible.

    Easiest solution would be if you can download firmware from printer manufacturer website as backup.
  • Hello, Thanks for the Info.
    The board is a standard Rumba board, with Repetier firmware. Manufacturer went out off business in 2017. I did track the man down on LinkedIn but Unfortunately he doesn't see the need to mail with me, so that's a death end.

    So It looks like the only safe route I can take is buy a new board to experiment and keep the old one as backup. Or just take the plunge and flash the firmware hoping I get it to function. I need to think on that.

  • Rumba boards use teh standard 8 bit bootloader compatible with avrdude so check the options there. I'm quite sure avrdude is one of the bootloaders that can actually backup. And if oyu are using  Repetier-Server you can use the eeprom editor to backup eeprom as well.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  • Hi. I connected a Laptop to the printer with Repetier server, and repetier Host on my PC. I downloaded the Eprom settings but there is no setting for max extruder temp. can this be changed without reflashing? I would like to set the max temp to 310 for printing PC. max is now 285.

    I'm also having some problem with printing. Host shows it's connected, displays the temperatures and such, but when I try to start a print nothing happens. Could it be the firmware is to old?
  • Max. extruder temperature is define in config with
    #define MAXTEMP 275

    but there is no override. This would be dangerous if you can just state to get higher then extruder can handle. So sorry, needs to recompile firmware for this.
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