Motion issue with ANet A6 with Marlin

My printer does mysterious motions with no obviously reproducable reason. As you may see in the scans with rised contrast to visible the motions (first layer; last layer), there are some pathes across the regular pathes as they came from the gcode.

The gcode was created in Prusa Slicr 2.5 (download)

fist layer: missing pathes and one all across the board
last layer: infill - irregular pathes. Sometimes moving in Z while printing. Further unexpected moves of the feader (leaving spots) which finally led to a nozzle failure as the filament was retracted too much.

Any idea if that issue is located on the printer controller itself or could it be a problem in the collaboration with the server?
How may I debug the issue? Where are the logs, if any?

Thank you in advance.


  • In printer menü is a log page where you can enable logging and download existing log. That would contain all data being send.

    Look for timeout and resend and checksum in log. These commands indicate issues.

    You might also want to enable echo with 
    M111 S7
    so printer repeats the received commands so you can compare what you send and what printer thought it receives.

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