Motion problems with the Z axis

Forgive me if I'm missing something but when I was setting up the machine I had difficulties with the Z axis stalling. I'm wondering if these settings make sense. I have very little options to speed up movements.
Rumba32, TMC2209 (step/dir mode), Z steps/mm 1600, max feedrate 8, travel accel 10, 180mhz.
Is the rumba32 having issues? Or are these setting reasonable?


  • Are you using Repetier-Firmware V2?
    You need to have stepper frequency higher then max. step rate you run - for z that is 1600steps/mm * 8mm/s = 12800 steps/s. No problem for rumba32 - 100000 is no problem and if you have too many motors even more is possible.

    Z is tricks because it has highest friction and motor quickly stally. Normally 8mm/s, accel 10mm/s is no problem. But you need to hear to your printer what happens on stalling. If motor whines it is loosing steps. Maybe current is just too low so lack of force causes it. Or you have at some point higher friction when printer has z rails not all parallel for example and force changes by z. 
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