Job Upload


I need some information. I was able to view the information of my printers and upload it to Access within a Database. My ultimate goal is to start a print from the production schedule I have on Access. I have seen that this can be done using Job Upload. I could have a more detailed explanation, maybe even with some examples.

Sorry for the trouble. Have a nice day!


  • In case you are talking about  Repetier-Server, you can check
    on how to upload a job using curl. It shows the structure required so should be easy to adapt it to other senders. But I'm no access programmer so no idea how you send html multipart reqeusts from within access. 
  •  Hello!
     Thanks for the answer, I studied yesterday what you sent me but I can not do what I wanted. is there a way to upload from VisualStudio? 

  • Visual Studio is a programming IDE and not meant to send gcode to anything. Sure you can write code with it that does it. How depends on language you use. For all languages you will find libraries sending web requests which is what you need to emulate what curl does.
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