Latest repetition server - print issues

On all my print - I have issues, looks like printer stops printing very often. Like during print it stops for 5 seconds and then resumes print.  This happening every 2-3 minutes or so.
The printed object looks horrible full of dots and holes. 
The same gcode file printed from SD card - looks great.
Never had such problem in previous version of server.


  • What is your timeout value? And if you check the console, do you get timeouts? On communication errors you see these blobs as there are no mor emoves until timeout is reached. If they are so constant you should activate logging and see if there is a common pattern, e.g. one command where it always hangs. WIth so many different firmwares there is always the chance that one change causes an issue on one of them while others have no problems.
  • I went on vacation, my printer is Prusa MK3s, everything was on default values did not change anything (Prusa has fw 3.11). 
    Will try to enable logging and print something when I return back (on next monday) 
  • Back from vacation,I have the same issue on all other files. While I am printing through SD card everything is ok, as soon as I start to use Repetitier server  - there is issue on each print. Is it possible to get back to 1.4.2?
    There is nothing wrong in the print log, no errors on timeout detected in connection information. 
    Baud rate 115200, DTR and RTS low to high, buffer size 127, timeout for 3secs.

    The solution would be to downgrade to 1.4.2, how can I do that?

  • Is this on a pi? We found that when printing chromium will constantly load images from server causing high load. That might cause it. You can try dev version where this is fixed. If you have recent image just enter in ssh (not  Repetier-Server terminal)

    if you don't have the command

    rm Repetier-Server-dev.deb
    sudo dpkg -i Repetier-Server-dev.deb
    rm Repetier-Server-dev.deb

    would install it. Latest can also be used to install 1.4.2 if you replace the download link and deb filename in other commands.
  • Thanks, I will try to update it to 1.4.4 now and report if there are any issues. If there will be, then I will try to downgrade to 1.4.2 and report again if there are any issues.

    I am running on PI 4 with 2 GB ram, I have attached 1024x600 touch screen from Waveshare
  • At least for us a print that also caused bumps did print without now, so good luck.
  • Repetier said:
    At least for us a print that also caused bumps did print without now, so good luck.
    Hello guys,
    after update to 1.4.4 it looks like problem disappeared. Thanks!
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