Homing Z moves Y

Setting up a new printer, dev2, rumba32.

I try to home the Z axis with G28 Z but the Y axis moves instead and the error homing failed happens.

I can jog everything correctly on the screen. X+- Y+- Z+- all works ok.


  • I tried to update to the latest dev2 but it looks like its for a specific line of printers now. I dont have a Stacker printer.
  • You need your own configration and in platform.ini you select the board for compilation. Stacker is just a company we work with and have them preconfigured. Does not mean others don't work. At least if they are listen in supported boards and rumba32 is supported.

    If jogging Z moves Z homing Z should also move only Z. Uses same driver. But there are configs that require xy to be homed before Z is homed, so maybe that is the case. This is especially with z probes essential to ensure the probe is above bed and where you think it is to correct z correctly.
  • Okay glad to know I just need have my own configuration file.

    I changed fixed_z_home position and I'm getting somewhere but I'm really worried about this.

    I'm getting this heartbeat from the motors when they are on. What dan I do about this? I made sure vref and rsense are set right. Still happening. I didn't see anyone with the soluion in the github issue.

  • Is there a quick fix for this fault?
    error: unknown type name 'HCD_HandleTypeDef'; did you mean 'PCD_HandleTypeDef'?

  • We are not Marlin, we have a own completely different firmware, so looking into marlin github will never help.

    The compile error is a bug. Please fetchlatest commit to get it compile. In Delta sample systems you also find a rumba32 definition, but board does not matter as much as correct definition as long as you select it's usage.

    Are you using TMC2209 with software serial connection? Have no real experience with them so far, use teh spi variant which communicate much faster. Especially since software serial is using low baud rate.
    For the TMC2209 you can add
    #define IGNORE_TMC2209_FEEDBACK

    to prevent the 500ms feedback check. If that is your rate (2hz) it might help.
  • I was trying TMC2209 with software serial connection. No matter what I tried the board kept resetting. 
  • I was trying software because in HW I get this steady beat from motors. So in SW controller resets. In HW motors click off every second.
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