Extruder Stepper doesn't hold position

I have Mega2560/Ramps  1.4 with DRV8825 stepper drivers.
After "connecting" the printer (via Repetier Host), the X, Y and Z steppers "hold" their positions, but I am able to PULL the filament through the extruder (I hear/feel the extruder stepper turning when I pull the filament).

If I connect the extruder stepper to any of the other driver outputs, I CANNOT pull the filament.

I have ALSO connected other steppers to the Extruder output (and it turns).

I have REPLACED the MEGA2560, the RAMPS 1.4 and DRV8825s (all at the same time), and the "issue" persists...

Is this the expected behavior, or should the Extruder Stepper "hold" its position (like the other stepper motors do)?


  • YES, I have adjusted the ref. voltage of ALL of the DRV8825s (they all output the same ref. voltage).

  • By default all motors are off. Only once you have moved it motor will turn on. There is also a timeout for motors that will disable them again if they are not used for x seconds. Also note that extrude rmotor will only move when it has at least minimum temperature reached. So just moving while being cold will do nothing.
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