Apparent VRAM Leak

I'm not sure how many other folks are experiencing this issue, since I'm not seeing anything about it when I do a quick Google search, although I could just be searching for the wrong thing (wouldn't be the first time).

Whenever running Repetier host, my VRAM usage seems to climb to about 90% usage, at which point I can only assume Windows is trying its hardest to ration VRAM allocation. If this only happened while the program was running, I could somewhat understand. However, upon exiting Repetier host, the used VRAM does not appear to be released. Games and other GPU accelerated applications will perform poorly until the next system restart.

Anybody have any ideas on this?


  • When it is running vram is in deed used in large amounts especially with bigge rmodels or many moves in filament view.

    When a program is exited, windows will release all it's resources automatically even if the software would not do this, e.g. because it is crahed and could not release it self. Did you check some seconds later in case it takes some seconds to see all released memory? If possible check if there is a newer driver in case driver did not release it.
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