Critical failure on G2/G3

Repetier host version 2.2.4 throws an error and crashes when processing arcs
G2/G3 in negative radius format.
For example:
G0 X15.8431 Y49.7843
G2 X49.7843 Y15.8431 R-98

07:01:59.677 : System.NullReferenceException: Object reference does not point to an instance of an object. in RepetierHostExtender.basic.GCodeAnalyzer.arc(Single[] position, Single[] target, Single[] offset, Single radius, Boolean isclockwise, GCode code) in RepetierHostExtender.basic.GCodeAnalyzer.analyzeShort(GCodeShort code) in RepetierHost.view. RepetierEditor.fastLayerUpdate() in RepetierHost.Main.LoadGCodeOrSTL(String file)

Looking at the G code ; shows that the code is correct and the radius sign properly indicates the direction of the arc.


  • Will check this for next release. Currently adding G2/G3 support to server, so now i'm already back into the topic.

    Actually G2 indicates direction, negative R indicates the arc has more then 180°.
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