bltouch error


I'm having a Problem with my bl touch sensor. When I tell the printer to auto level or to z home it does everything that it is supposed to, but when the probe triggers it drops again by itself hitting the build plate and sometimes triggering again. Thus sending an error. I tried setting a wait command in the Start script or the after every probe script, and setting a delay in the config but those delays trigger after the probe hits again, and the build plate has moved away. I guess that I have the problem because my build plate is to slow and can't move out off the way in time.
I'm running a Radds 1.6 due and the Repetier version 1.0.4

Any help or advice welcomed,



  • Yes, sounds like a speed problem. When it triggers we move up and I think bltouch pushes pin in and relases it again for next probe. That must not trigger any more. From past I know it must back fast enough or bltouch gets into error mode. So try increasing z max speed for retracting bed. 5mm/s are enough I think and normally no problem even with slow bed drives.
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