I'm new to this site but did start to use the firmware may years ago. Things change and I change the connected pc to newer. This after the system not has been used for many years. In this new start I have detected a problem, layer 3 and 4 are not donding on some part of the model. This problem is the same what ever layer hight or slicer program or if I change the printing speed. The first layers are looking perfect as the rest of the model. The bed level is within.0.1mm. My system is a delta printer with a pc laptop as controller.


  • Are you using distortion leveling with G33? That only corrects until a given z height and then corrections gets reduced to 0. Check in this case with
    G33 L0
    how big your corrections are. They should be small and swing around 0 or you are misusing them and where they disable you get a gap that causes the problem. Typical issue with deltas as they are very sensitive to small geometric imperfections compared to set geometry in firmware. You should always calibrate G32 without G33 until all errors are quite small (best <0.1mm). Only then enable G33 for last bit of correction to better stick to bed.
  • Thank you for the feedback,
    I will have a look at that part of the settings and work on it to see if it cures my problem.
  • And you were totally right, it was 40 different values stored.
    All cleared with "R0" and calibration of the coulombs and a new set of the Z height, all works as a dream again.
    Many thanks for your quick help.
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