Repetier-Host Plugin - totalfiamentUsed

Hi, is it possible to access the totalfilamentUsed value with a custom Plugin.

The background is, that I want to write a simple plugin to calculate the coast of a printed part, simply because I want to get a better feeling about is it more or less than a beer ;) 

I'm not that experienced in c# and just don't find if and where it is access able. 

Thank you for help


  • With 1.5.4 you can use the server for printing. In that case the server will compute the prices on a formula taking also printing time into account. You can see the costs then in the host after uploading it to server.

    The host self does not store total length. Editor updates the strings on each change after analyzing the gcode and then forgets it again. A plugin can not be attached to this system for now.
  • That's a pity, because I don't have my printers connected to a PC. I print from SD-Card since about 2 years now and had no problems. 
    I make it anyway her a first screenshot, I have to put the values manually in. If I'm done I put it on github:
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