how can I configurate que lcd?

how can I configurate que lcd?


  • The content of the menu is defined in uimenu.h

    The file also contains many comments on how to modify it.
  • hello,
    I have searched around the internet for a solution to what I need to modify in order to get the encoder on a RepRapDiscount to be precise.
    two things are of interest: 1. reverse the rotation of the encoder for extruding and moving of the axes; 2. decrease the sensitivity of the encoder (now it's at 2 lines for a "step" - would like it at 2"steps" for one line)

    thanks in advance.
  • Firmware supports 3 speeds for encoder. These are set with

    /* Normally cou want a next/previous actions with every click of your encoder.
    Unfotunately, the encoder have a different count of phase changes between clicks.
    Select an encoder speed from 0 = fastest to 2 = slowest that results in one menu move per click.
    #define UI_ENCODER_SPEED 1

    What you need depends on your encoder. SOme send more switches per click then others.
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