Currently...Hello! Just trying to get some guided support...the measurements are in and I need some Slicing from Slic3r/G-Code.


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    Writing a research paper can be a daunting task, but I always remind myself that it's an opportunity to explore a topic that interests me. Recently, I completed my research paper on the effects of social media on mental health. It was a challenging project, but I learned a lot and felt proud of the final product. I hope to continue pursuing my academic interests through writing more research papers in the future.
    March 2023
  • Currently...Hello!

    Just trying to get some guided support...the measurements are in and I need some Slicing from Slic3r/G-Code.

    December 2014
  • Repetier-Host V1.0.6...BOY!
    November 2014
  • Okay...I got that first print underway. Now, onto other fascinations of 3D printing. I need to make an O-Ring for my door. The knob keeps coming loose when I open and shut the door often. I believe this O-Ring/Washer (PrintrBot Simple and PLA filament) could cure this issue with the door's knob (inside specifically)...
    November 2014
  • Well...I done did it now. I got the first print in 3D Printing on my side and accomplished. I got the fan shroud for the Printrbot Simple (1403) printed out. It works! Oh and so does Repetier-Host! I am sorry for all the odd comments and eccentric wording. Good luck and I am now glad that I gave you people somewhere of about $5.00 for allowing me to use this software. I am sure there will be more but first it is off to pay off this gadget. Geaux to Printrbot Simple and Repetier-Host!
    November 2014
  • I have been reading the CURA manual more b/c it is not listed as a document. The manual is a downloadable, piece of photographs and text. It has been helpful for my reading up on what "talk" is representative in 3D Printing.

    So...I am learning to speak like a 3D Printing fanatic and not just a user. Hooray to me and working towards my first print...

    November 2014
  • Getting to know CURA and Repetier 1.0.6 for the initial print. Practice makes perfect is what they say...

    Oh and my Repetier 1.0.6 just started working out of nowhere, i.e. no HKEY removal or anything.

    November 2014
  • Hey...Yo!
    November 2014
  • Hello,

    I am currently evaluating Repetier-Host versus CURA just to check out certain aspects to each, individual company, their attitudes, and the support. Personally, I admit, I was too involved in Windows and the point, view, and click aspect to interaction with hardware/software.

    Now that I have this Printrbot Simple (1403), I am learning that there are more things to computing than just a random click. Thank you for the support, Repetier. Even though I have ended my start with Repetier-Host for Windows, I plan on figuring out how to erase a HKEY from my computer and then proceed with Repetier-Host V1.0.6 again.

    I recently saw that CURA had a brief, I think it is about 51 pages of visuals and script, manual for their CURA software. I am going through the Repetier-Host documentation also. I am just thinking of both parties without staying bias. I am the first person usually to criticize and critique. Mostly, this is due to support questions before I get educated in my shtick. Luckily, the CURA software and Repetier-Host software both have documentation for their workings.

    I will get back to this activity page soon. While I am gone, I will be reading up and using the software(s) from these two, different companies. If I get a hit on the lottery, I will back it up with one large sum to both to split. I am glad that there are supportive parts to both companies. Good luck and Godspeed.



    November 2014
  • Hello...
    November 2014
  • Welcome Aboard!
    November 2014