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  • here you can see the log from the host app
  • If i send G32 the log says Autocorretion disabled than he probes all without any error massage, my next step was to write in the probe start script M323 S1, after this the log shows:  autocorrection dissabled; autocorrection enabled; (and the porbe …
  • I've made an new FW with the Config tool and ervery thing works fine, but my printer makes no z correction. If i send the command G32 the printer makes 3 test executions on 3 points, but with out correction. // #################### Z-Probing ######…
  • now i have the next issue In the repetier host G33 is an unknown command(G32 still works), i think i've this issue cause z-probe support is not compiled. But my configuration string is very old and dont match with my used config.h so i cant upload …
  • EDIT: Yes your right, that was the Problem Epic fail (
  • Okay, i´ll take a look of this site and i am from Austria so i dont need the google translate Thx a lot
  • Excellent, thx for the great support Do you have a tut that shows how i must define the firmware?
  • can i also use my Z-Probing to correct the bed leveling wiht the 3 Z-axis stepper?
  • Perfect. Thx a lot for the great support
  • Jep that was the failure. Big thx can you answer me one more question.^^ Now i have every thing writen in the firmware and nothin in the eeprom, if i activate now the eeprom is all from the firmware in the eeprom too or must i write it also in th…
  • If im not wrong all points should be reachable, but now im not shure, i will check that Why it's the best to centern and then start probing? With that you just mean to center the extruder befor start testing or set the testpoint to center?
  • Thx for the Update What im try to explan is: If have the bed leveling methon 2, so i set 3 test points, where the probe should test the distance. And for the correct position from the probe by the testpoints, it's necessary that the x/y prope off…
  • whene i set the y offset to -55 the probe points are not the same like by 0 and +55. So i tried to invert the coordinates from my printer, now is the offset from the probe really -55 but my error is also inverted. Now i have no diffrents between 0 a…
  • i have found the problem, the probe x/y offset can´t be higher then 0, it makes no diffrent if i write 55 or 0 in the Firmware. EIDIT: it makes a diffrent, after the probing the extruder drives 55mm forward but the probe points be the same.
  • Now i've set the probe off set (x-y) to zero and now i have no changes for x/y.
  • Version should be 0.92.9 (i´ve downloaded 2 - 3 weeks ago) Is itnecessary that i do a Z home to Max  bevor i make the Z probe? And what dose S1? Actually i dont want to save G32 (my eeprom is off) Do you have link for my where i can find all comman…
  • Hi Guys, i have one more question. I added the G32 command in my starting G-Code and the printer makes the Z-Probe at 3 points, but after this he drives ~10mm forward from the last probe point and makes a Z min homing (normaly homing from the print…
  • Hi, thx for the answer. I have set all new an now the printer works fine
  • I find the reason for my failure, my home position is Z-Max but my printer starts printing on Z-min. The stupidt thing now is, that i dont know how i can change this, so the printer starts printing on Z-Max.