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  • Thanks for the reply. If I disable AP mode, and it loses WIFI connection, I won't have any method of accessing the server as I don't use a touch screen. I'm going to dig out a wifi range extender I have laying around, and plug the PI directly into t…
  • So Iv changed the files mentioned above, and I came home from work today to find the server has disconnected from the WIFI again and is back in AP mode. Any suggestions? Router is up and running fine and fixed on channel 11. If I plug ethernet into …
  • Arrr, thats been frustrating me for days!I assumed it would just show the whole file and I just needed to scroll down.Thanks for your help.
  • Thanks for the advice. Yep F6 is very very slow. I just kept reducing it further and further expecting to see some change.I will also consider changing back to 32x micro stepping which will also reduce the min speed. What is the value of f in this e…
  • Thanks for the quick reply. So you wouldn't recommend editing these minimum speeds? The reason this has come up is for my CNC I want to ramp down into the material very slowly. The g code looks like this. G01 X2.0712 Y-1.5840 F600G01 X2.1076 Z-0.150…
  • Iv not checked the exact times of the pauses, but I noticed two pause and there are two waits which seams to much of a coincident. I checked the niceness parameter for repetier server using the top command and its at the minimum of -20 which as far …
  • Ran a 90 minute print from my laptop and no "Wait" in the log. Definitely the Pi or Reptier server that is causing the problem. Everything on the Pi is upto date. Ran the apt-get and apt-upgrade commands last night. Andy sugestions?
  • Checked my firmware settings (Repeteir firmware by the way), and I have the "Send "wait" when firmware is idle." option enabled. Ill run a print from my laptop and see if i get the same "wait" commands.
  • Just run a couple of prints, both had just one noticeable pause in them.I searched logs for error and wait and these two popped up. Not quite sure what to make of these. Any sugestions? > 15:03:54.182: ok 33318< 15:03:54.182: N33324 G1 X89.891…