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  • Hi, is this still the case?
  • Any chance of making them changeable. Will make workflows a lot more efficient as opposed to having to click into summary for just one piece of info
  • Hi, So my trial ended and decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Pro version. This is an excellent software and I don't know why it isn't a lot more popular. (Octo and Astro get all the headlines) So in my bid to now make all my printers wire…
  • Repetier said: I also googled it a bit. looks like Dremel/Flashforge have a own firmware. They claim to have written it anew according to the threads I found. What Octoprint has is a plugin layer for communication and a GPX plugin that conver…
  • The sailfish firmware is available open source online. Let me know if you'll want me to link you to it
  • I think you just hit the jackpot there.... So finding the gcode flavour for these replicator clones I think should be the same as marlin. The main difference is converting to x3g format. There are different plugins, or small scripts that has been wr…